When you say “Irrational” I say “F&@% You!”

When people say

  • I’m afraid of clowns
  • I’m terrified to fly
  • I’m scared of the dark
  • I’m afraid of snakes or spiders
  • I’m scared of public speaking
  • I’m terrified of zombies

It is understandable and people often times share these fears. I get it I’m a horror movie fanatic, I’ve watched The Walking Dead since it aired on Halloween in 2010. I’ve screamed and jumped at the sight of spiders and snakes. Clowns an be creepy especially after learning about Wayne Gacey. I am not a huge fan of public speaking if I’m not into the subject matter. It’s not the best feeling to only see a foot or two in front of you because of the lack of light. I completely get why flying can cause stress and anxiety.

 When does a fear become “irrational”? If someone is being irrational they are being unreasonable or not logical. To be unreasonable means to be not guided by good sense and to be illogical means to lack sense or clear unsound reasoning. Now that we’ve had our vocabulary lesson…

Does my fear, fear of driving and often fear of riding in a cars makes me irrational? If you answers yes I say “F&@% You!” 

The number of motor vehicle deaths between January and June 2015 totaled 18,630 according to the statistics released by the National Safety Council (NSC). That is about 3,672 deaths a month by motor vehicles. The 4th leading cause of death in the U.S are accidents and at the top of these accidents are motor vehicle accidents. The leading cause for teen deaths in The U.S, you guessed it ; car accidents. I could not find an amount of how many cars will be on the road at any given moment but in 2011 there were a reported about 1 billion passenger cars in the world.

Clowns have been around for ages and they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Yes I agree that the creep factor is at an all time high on the clown front for about 45 years (give or take a few.) The fact that you can name the amount of killer clowns and creepy clowns on one hand even though they’ve been around since ancient Egypt is quite a feat in my eyes. Yes Pogo , John Wayne Gacey, changed the way many people look at clowns. After killing 30+ boys  and stating “You know… Clowns can get away with murder.”you are sure to get a creepy tingle down your spine when you see a white faced red nosed guy. Why do you not get a creepy fear of the hotel owners after H.H. Holmes tortured and murdered an unknown amount of victims? Why when getting behind the wheel is it irrational to become scared when there have been so many deaths involving cars?  

At any given moment there can be as much as 5,000 planes in U.S air space. With about 130,000 commercial pilots in the world There have been about 24 plane crashes and about 500 deaths in 2015 of people’s onboard a crashed plane and about 30 on ground deaths. This is world wide. So about 3 plane crashes a month with 50 onboard deaths a month and 3 on ground deaths. These statistics are exactly why when people with a fear of flying are being comforted they are told “you’re more likely to die in a car crash.” Why is this same logic not used to understand why some of us are terrified about driving? 

I’m pretty positive that being in the dark has not been a sole contributing factor of death unless you are in a horror movie such as Darkness Falls or They. I have never heard of someone falling down dead while giving a speech or school project. Yes it can cause anxiety and all sorts of uncomfortable feelings but I Have yet to find an incident of death by public speaking.

Also “zombies” are not real (yet, yes I believe it could happen.) the only instances that are zombie like can be chalked up to the bath salt face eater a few years back or if people go Hannibal Lecture or end up in a Donner Party situation.

I am no fan of spiders or snakes I take the show to those that crawl and a shovel or garden hoe to those that slither. I get scared by them when they appear out of no where but I know the reality of death is slim to none by these creatures. There are many common myths about spiders one of them being that they attack people the other that they bite and feed on humans commonly. Most spiders have poor vision and enjoy damp dark places so when you go to hop in the shower and find a spider chilling in your shower curtain as they run it is not to attack you but to get out of the light. I have been guilty of believing I was bit by a spider but in reality the majority of spiders have too weak of fangs to break through human skin. In the U.S. Meeting your maker after a “spider bite” is pretty much something that will only happen when it’s Friday the 13th, a full moon, with a meteor shower. Snakes are terrifying and dangerous but you still only have a one in 37,500 chance of being hit by a venomous spider and only a one in fifty million chance of death by snake bite. With the advance in anti-venom spider and snake bites that are treated will most likely not result in death. 

Do not get me wrong I understand that everyone is afraid of something. I am not saying there is no reason to fear any of these things. I only ask for common courtesy. I only ask that you do not pass judgement on me or anyone else for their so called “irrational” fears. I have tried hard to get over my fear but so far it has only become worse. So when you ask why I do not drive or why others like me do not drive stop and think about the statistics. Stop and ask “Is this safe?” Should someone fighting anxiety and panic attacks , white knuckling the steering wheel, constantly receiving a jolt of what feels like adrenaline every time they see something that could become an accident and fighting back tears the entire time really be driving? 

My fear is not irrational!!!
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